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History - Kastro Zoi

Kardamili, the municipality of Mani headquarters, is a seaside town, located 38km south-east of Kalamata. It has been regarded as a landscape of outstanding natural beauty by the Ministry of Culture because of its remarkable natural landscape, rich flora and buildings which are characteristic examples of the evolution of the Mani dwellings. It is also regarded as a historic landscape, important for the history of architecture and more generally for Greek history, because the land, inhabited since prehistoric times, is rich in monuments, spanning all eras, and rich in historical events. Only a few meters separate the old town from the new one.
The name ‘Kardamili’ is first encountered in Homer’s time, where in The Iliad (line 150) it is referred to as the first of the ‘seven well-governed and well-populated towns,’ which Agamemnon would give to Achilles as a dowry if he were to marry one of his daughters.
Later it was named ‘Skardamoula,’ but in recent years its ancient name has been restored.
It is in Kardamili that the Army General Kolokotronis, together with other Mani leaders, designed and launched the revolution against the Turkish occupation, in 17/3/1821.

Below the 12th century medieval castle, near the old town of Kardamili, the Hellenistic chamber tombs of the Dioskouroi are located. Another monument of extreme importance is the fort complex Troupaki – Mourtzinos, which is recently undergoing restoration and preservation